Cargo charters
November 23, 2018| 0

Cargo Charters

Save Money and Time with Cargo Charters Imagine the benefits of getting your products to customers on time and offering that extra value in service delivery while saving money at the same time. Because we have access to thousands of aircraft, we can always source the right aircraft for your cargo, any airport you need the cargo to be delivered, the best charter price with value for money and most importantly, a personalised service.
Private jet travel
November 23, 2018| 0

Private Jet Charter

Discover the Comforts and Luxury of Private Jet Travel You can enjoy the comfort, luxury, safety and privacy by using our VVIP services. We offer private and executive jets and helicopters charters, and private jet management. From large wide-body luxury jetliners to the smallest piston and turbine engine propeller aeroplanes, with global coverage, we are here to help you meet your individual needs.
Group charters
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Group Charters

Imagine Travelling Together with a Group of Friends, Colleagues or Business Partners to a Warmer Paradise You can feel the excitement travelling to your favourite concert, roadshow or event with a group of friends or partners in an aircraft dedicated just for the occasion. Feels great right? We can arrange from small to large wide-body airliners for series charters, roadshows, concerts, events, staff movement and emergency responses.