About us


Achieving our dreams

When growing up all we ever did was watch aeroplanes flying in and out at a local airport and imagined being pilots one day. Some of us achieved this dream long before getting a driving licence, while the rest went onto be involved in every aspect of aviation from cabin crew to engineering to operations.

As a team of professional aviators with jet fuel running through our veins, everyday we touch, smell, taste, feel, and hear aviation. There is nothing like the adrenaline of being involved with aeroplanes be it passenger or cargo. This passion has allowed us to provide unparalleled levels of customer experience, value, safety, comfort and transparency to our guests and partners right across our business sectors.

We always strongly believed it is imperative do things in a different way to benefit all stakeholders. It is common within the industry to offer limited contribution towards stakeholders and key players are very much shareholder centric. But here we are investing half of our profits on wider social projects, which mean tangible benefits to every external and internal stakeholder through various social impact programmes; education for children, climate change, and mental health for everyone being the highest priority.

Even after three decades in business, today seems like we are starting all over again to make this world a better place, even better than before, and it’s a great time now for us to adjust ourselves for the greater good of all stakeholders.

Today the world has been thrown into turmoil and even though the negative sides are all visible, yet on a positive side we have witnessed people and nature come together and are at its best during challenging times. We aspire for it to be better with our commitment to a higher standard of life for every living being.

As aviators we are trained to remain calm, have humility and persevere with every challenge we face. These are some of the traits we have built into our business.

Plane landed

Society now deserves more than ever from all of us. Time spent in lockdown has helped us all to reflect on our lives, on the world, it’s every single living being, and what we all need, want and aspire to contribute towards making it a better place for future generations.

We are very proud to be socially minded in everything we do in the air and on the ground. The foundations of our values are embedded in looking after our stakeholders and the wider world. Every human, animal and plant is valued in our world, and we hope we can be part of your world.

As professional aviators three of the most valuable lessons we learnt were the importance of safety, candid communication and empathy – we feel pain, fear and joy the same way you do. These are the reasons why we are able to offer unparalleled levels of service experience and benefits to our stakeholders.

What gets our adrenaline going is helping you to have peace of mind with all your private jet, group, and cargo charter needs. Call us or email us today to find out how we can serve you.

We are not just an aviation company, we are creating aviation mindfulness!


What our clients say

The team at Infinity Air Charters handled all our emergency Covid 19 charters and shipments diligently and with utmost care. The entire team was able to deliver the most cost effective charter solutions to support our global clients.

by Steri Worldwide

It is the best customer experience we have had. Everyone is always happy to solve all our cargo charter needs.

by Guard Pro

They call it Celebrity Service, and we certainly felt like celebrities on our private charter from London to Astana. Very grateful to Ashen and the team for such a warm and pleasant experience.

by Dinara M